Feyock Projekte


The history of the Feyock corporate group

and examples of previous projects

The consortium "Feyock Group" was founded in 1954 with the sole proprietorship "Autohaus Feyock", initially a second-hand car dealership which was then expanded into a group of several high class car dealerships, including a successful BMW wholesale dealership in southern Germany. In 1956, the product portfolio was expanded through the founding of the insurance and financing office "Feyock & Weißler". In 1971, another milestone in the company's history was laid, the company "Feyock Flug", to include airplanes and airports in the portfolio.
In recent years, the company has also been carrying out various developments project. No matter which business sectors we have been engaged with so far, we have constantly strived for developing our expertise and have always invested in the expansion and success of the company.
"Feyock Projekte" is a very important point for us to continue to actively shape our future. We believe in the importance of reliability, technical progress, long-term investment, honest partnerships and the future of our family business.
Parkvillen, Velden am Wörthersee
It has in fact to do with art to create a living space that will give its inhabitants a sense of security, confidence and joie de vivre. This feat has been achieved in the bay of Velden at the famous Wörthersee: Here, in the midst of a spacious park landscape, three exclusive park villas each with 14 residential units have been created. A home for people who master the fine art of living – just as they have always wanted.
With the project "Parkvillen" Willy Feyock has fulfilled another dream of his long successful career. The bay of Velden seemed to be the right place for a high class residential complex. With the acquisition of the Hotel Park's in 1994, Willy Feyock owned a sizeable real estate that provided ample space for the construction of such a luxurious residential complex.
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